Announcing: NEW Schedule & Freebies!

I’ve been gone from the blog, but only because I’ve been working SO hard to share more and better content with YOU! Yes, you. No, seriously, you. Okay, okay, I’ll stop being creepy and give you the specifics…

I’ve been recently doing live streaming on my Instagram (@emmykait) every Sunday, and the feedback has been so inspiring that I’ve re-realized my passion for sharing and encouraging others to create! Because of that, I’ve jumped back behind my desk, and developed a NEW schedule for this blog.


Schedule for

Here is the breakdown:

  • Sundays at 8pm EST, I’ll be live streaming the start of a new art journal spread; on rare occasions, I may also work on other (perhaps more impressive, even) art. Live streams will last for at least one hour.
  • Mondays, I’ll be HERE on the blog with a new post, recapping all of the lovely things that came out of the Sunday live stream. Monday’s post will include photos of the artwork and a quick discussion on the tools, techniques, and/or questions that I answered during the live stream.
  • Wednesday is the day that you definitely don’t want to miss!! I’ll be sharing an in depth discussion on my favorite tools, techniques, or supplies. I’ll also be giving you free printables for you to have and use! Which means: WEDNESDAY IS FREEBIE DAY! 
  • Thursdays will be art show and tell day here on the blog. I’ll be sharing with you one of my newly completed art journal spreads or other artwork! If you’re a fellow Get Messy member, then you’ll probably want to swing in on Thursday, because many of my pages are inspired by the prompts and tutorials created by my fellow Creative Team Members!

I’ll be working diligently in my studio on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Although I won’t be posting here on the blog, feel free to check Instagram and my Instagram story, because I am constantly updating my social media followers on my artistic happenings. I also LOVE to interact on Instagram, so feel free to say hello or drop me a line!

If you have questions about commissions, want me to come guest blog for you, or anything of the like, please use the “Contact” tab at the top of this website, or click HERE.

This post contains an affiliate link to the Get Messy website. If you click the link above and sign up for the Get Messy community for a year, then I will receive a small portion of the sale to help support my artistic journey, including the upkeep of this blog. However, it is available on a month-to-month basis, and even per season: if you choose to go that way, I receive no payment, but totally support your interest because I love Get Messy, and want you to enjoy its benefits the way as it best fits you!!

Finished Spread “Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me”

Anyone on social media knows that posting a political opinion is like opening the flood gates for a tsunami of angry retorts, incomprehensible arguments, and approval from the same four people who always agree with you. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me to be bad business to engage in things that accomplish so little; it’s very difficult to have meaningful conversations or debates via social media. That being said, there are just some things that shouldn’t even cause a debate, such as equality and human rights. Sure, it’s “political,” but  wanting to deny anyone equality or human rights just seems down right deplorable.

Speaking of human rights—bet you saw this one coming—women (and some men) in the USA just marched down the streets of Washington DC wearing glorious pink hats to the tune of equality. No one was arrested, no one vandalized their surroundings, and no one asked for more than what they’re due. I did not march, due to prior obligations, but I did have to listen to men talk about how dumb and unnecessary the Women’s March on Washingon was—but, like a good little woman, I held my tongue. Or perhaps they held it for me? Actions speak louder than words, and my actions conformed to a society that better women than I are trying to revolutionize. How ridiculous must our world be that I feel uncomfortable standing up for my own rights?

After that painful experience, I came home and did the one thing I know to be most comforting: created art. The following images are photographs from an art journal spread, which flowed from me so quickly that I could feel the words exploding in the paint. I screamed through collage and pens, and spoke the words that I wish I had when those men told me that my thousands of sisters marching in the streets could accomplish nothing. I cried with ink, my strokes spitting back vile toxins of doubt, which these people had tried to drown me in. I never believed them, but it still hurt to have that venom within me. And that is why this spread is called, “Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me.”


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Art Journal Spread


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Top Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Bottom Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Side Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Center Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Center Detail 2


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Left Bottom Detail

Giveaway! 1 Year of Get Messy & Watercolor Set

To help me start off my year right as a Creative Team Member for the beautiful community that is Get Messy, I have been been granted the privilege to host a giveaway for an entire free year subscription of Get Messy to a lucky random winner! To make things even more fun, I’ve decided to also giveaway a set of Prima brand watercolors!! The watercolors that I discussed last blog post (click HERE to read) have made me so happy, and I really want to give another individual the opportunity to work with them! This giveaway is totally free and taking place on my Instagram. Details below!!!


So how do you enter?
• Set 1: Go to my Instagram page.
• Step 2: Follow me @emmykait and @getmessyartjournal.
• Step 3: Like the photo that says GIVEAWAY! (It looks just like the one above.)
• Step 4: Comment on that photo by telling my your favorite art supply.
• Step 5: Wait until I announce a winner on Wednesday 25 January 2016.

This giveaway is located on my Instagram: @emmykait and admission will end 23 January 2017, 11:59pm EST.

PS: I am now an affiliate through Get Messy and am able to receive a small payment in return for you becoming a Get Messy annual member. By clicking the link above and purchasing an annual membership, you are supporting me and this blog—and I am beyond thankful if you choose to do so! That being said, I know that not everyone wants to jump into a whole year membership, so no hard feelings if you just want to try it out for a month. The community is awesome though, and I really think that if you enjoy art journaling, you’ll love being a Get Messy member too! Here is a review that I wrote about the community before becoming a Creative Team Member of affiliate. The site also offers a free class for you to get a taste of the things offered in the community. You can check out the Get Messy official Instagram, and see if that doesn’t get your creative spark…well..sparked!


Review: Prima Watercolor Confections

I don’t know what got under my skin this past week, but I suddenly needed to own a set of watercolors. I have hundreds of markers, dozens of acrylics, 100+ gel pens, and a growing collection of inks, but somehow I’d yet to empty my bank account in the name of colorful watercolor half pans. It simply’d not do!

I have so many different type of water soluble supplies, most of them professional quality, but I realized that the only decent water color set I own is one that had been given to me about 8 years ago, and it’s withered to almost nothing. After a little research, I decided upon a pretty set of half pan water colors by the company Prima, as they seemed affordable and included an array of colors that is both varied and beautiful!


4 Different Sets of Prima Brand Watercolor Confections With Sketchbook

I have this things with art supplies: if I don’t go all out and get a set, then I feel restricted by my palette, and become blocked. When this happens, I either end up not using them or completing the set almost instantly. This an expensive problem to have, but when it comes to art supplies, it’s not like I’m not going to use them if I have “too many,” so I tell myself it’s okay to just get sets. (That, and I like to complain about this problem to my husband, who then just tells me to just buy it, so who am I to argue?) The nice thing about the Prima brand Watercolor Confections is that they are currently available in 5 set of 12 colors, which means the entire collection allows for one to have 60 different color options pre-mixing.

Photo Jan 13, 3 13 22 AM.jpg

Wrappings from Individual Half Pans

1 of the 5 sets, however, includes only metallic colors (the newest set, the Shimmering Lights palette) which is not something that I would use regularly. I did not purchase Shimmering Lights until after I had used these 4 sets, so I cannot comment on it. The 4 sets that I did purchase include “The Classics,” “Tropicals,” “Decadent Pies,” and “Pastel Dreams.”

Each set includes:
• 12 Individually wrapped half pans of watercolor paint
• 1 watercolor tin (holds 12 half pans or 6 whole pans)
• 1 pre-printed and annotated swatch paper (fits in tin)


Prima Watercolor Confections Swatches in Sketchbook

The Classics set includes basic primary colors, secondary colors, magenta, grayscale colors, and a brown. This set is perfect for an individual who is looking to own only one set, as it includes most necessary colors for the mixing of a complete pallet. The Tropicals set includes bold tertiary colors and variations thereof, as well as a warmer brown color. The Decedent Pies set consists of four neutral colors, four metallic colors, and four darker tertiary colors. The Decedent Pies set is best for portrait artists due to it’s flesh tones and colors that seem to be perfect for eye colors. The Pastel Dreams set seems to be pastel versions of many colors included in the Tropicals set, which one would be unable to achieve without white, a color only included in The Classics set.


The paint in each set is assigned a number as relating to all colors in the Watercolor Confections series. The Classics include colors 1-12, Tropicals include colors 13-24, Decadent Pies include colors 25-36, and Pastel Dreams include colors 37-48. These numbers are printed onto paper (seen above) and is wrapped around each half pan of paint. Before purchasing, I read a review that recommended purchasers of these sets to write each color’s assigned number on the bottom of the individual pans, and am passing that information along as fantastic advice!! Having the number permanently attached to each color allowed for me to reorganize my pallets as I saw fit, without questioning which colors came from which sets.

I started by removing all half pans from  the sets, and based on the color of the papers wrapping each half pan, I organized the colors in a ROYGBIV fashion, keeping the pink colors with the red hues. Once in place, I unwrapped each color, writing the assigned number with a sharpie onto the bottom of each individual pan. This can be seen below. If you purchase a watercolor confections set, I recommend this immensely!

As previously mentioned, I don’t have a lot of dry pan watercolor experience, so I cannot compare these to many other watercolor sets, but this is what I can tell you from using and researching these sets: the colors mix well, are highly pigmented, are not chalky when dry if used on watercolor paper, and are rated by the manufacturer to be extremely lightfast. Once used, many of the colors have a textured consistency after drying, but I have yet to notice any texture in the watercolor once made wet and in use; this texture may not look too great, but it seems inconsequential. This texture can be seen in the image above and below. Another thing that I questioned was the sizing of these pans, but as someone who has only owned large watercolor sets, the tiny half pans seemed almost too small to use. However, after a couple days spent playing with the Watercolor Confections, the fact that these half pans are slightly smaller than a US quarter is no longer an issue.


I swatched each color onto the papers that came with each set, but crossed out the numbers, as my tins are no longer in the order of which they arrived. This paper is sturdy, but has an odd amount of sheen to it for paper destined to be watercolored upon. I recommend using these in the tins, as they fit and are pretty accurate to color, but I also recommend swatching each color in a sketchbook or on the paper with which they will be most frequently used. photo-jan-12-1-13-04-am

As you can see in the photo above, I have mapped out my tins based on hues, keeping a record of the original color collections in my watercolor sketchbook. This way, if I discover I’m running out colors from a specific set, I will know which on to reorder. Having swatches in the tin and in my sketchbook is convenient for later work, but I also decided to label the exterior of each tin in order to dertermine which tins contained which hues without needing to open each pan set.


Instagram Takeover!

This week is pretty cool for me, as I’m taking over the Get Messy Art Journal official Instagram, @getmessyartjournal. Until January 8th, I’ll be curating the Instagram with photos of my own art, re-posts of Insta photos that use the hashtag #getmessyartjournal, and be responding to questions and comments on any of the photos that I post! I’m still going to be active at @emmykait, my everyday Instagram home, but I’ve been hoarding photos of my art journal spreads specifically for the Get Messy takeover! Here’s a little taste of the photos I’ll be posting on the ‘gram:

This honor was bestowed upon me as a Get Messy Creative Team Member (which I totally posted about HERE), and I was so lucky to be the first to takeover in 2017 and I got to post the 1,000th Instagram photo for Get Messy! I know it’s not like I won a world series, but seeing as how my sports knowledge starts and ends with the fact that “World Series” is a sportsball term, this is way cooler to me!  I quit my 9 to 5 at the end of 2015 in order to pursue my passion of creating, and it seems like that choice was made with perfect timing! Working with Get Messy this year is a dream come true, and starting it off with this takeover is just the icing on the cake! I hope you come visit me there this week!!


Announcing: The Vision Oracle Deck

I’ve been so distant lately, but I have so much art stuff in progress that it’s almost overwhelming to be able to write (blog?) it all down! I’m working on Get Messy stuff for next year (if you missed it, I’m part of the 2017 creative team) and videos for about 4 different projects. But honestly, what’s had me obsessively occupied is my newly finished project: The Vision Oracle Deck! 

The Vision Oracle Deck Announcement

After going through my most recently finished art journal, I realized that I’ve had such a wild ride in 2016! I’ve also been getting more and more into my tarot and oracle decks—especially after taking Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd’s beautiful class, “Totems.” (Available for purchase HERE)—and I realized that a combination of art journaling and oracle cards was a total possibility! After many long nights behind the lens of my camera and behind the keys of laptop, I have finally finished photographing my journal, editing photos, and curating what I think will be my absolute favorite oracle deck! 

Example From The Vision Oracle Deck: “Curiosity” Card

After throwing a quick post onto Instagram, I recieved great feedback!  Because of this, I’ve also decided to get a few extra copies of this deck, call it an inventory, and make it available online! I don’t know how many likeminded folks will find it, want it, and love it, but I know for a fact that it’ll make one person pretty happy just to hold in her hands! (If you guessed me, you were right.) I can not wait to receive the cards, as I’m having them professionally printed and shipped to me, but I’ll let you know when they get here!! 

I’ll place these cards for sale on Etsy, and announce they’re availability here on the blog as well as on my Instagram!

Huge News! Art Journaling News!

I’ve finally taken a break from jumping up and down in excitement to write this post, so let me start out by saying I’m ecstatic to be telling you all my good news!! Are you ready? For 2017, I will be pushing myself to be as creative as possible for my new position as a Creative Team member! I’ve been chosen to be a part of the Get Messy Creative Team for next year, and will be creating videos, tutorial posts, and sharing images of my art work for a group of 1500+ beautiful people who share my biggest passion: art journaling!


Art journaling is the one thing that has been with me for the majority of my life, before I knew that such a thing even had a name. I could not be happier to share my love of arting between the pages of a bound sketchbook, altering coffee table books, and getting my hands colorfully messy!  I feel like my artistic style has come such a long way in the past couple of years, and finally defining my method of creating—with certain techniques, supplies, and tons of emotion—has not only helped me find my artistic voice, but is now letting me share it with others. (It sounds goofy, I know, but I’m in happy-shock, so please bare with me.)

emk wright art journal collection.JPG

A Sampling From My Art Journal Collection

When I was younger, before “art journaling” was defined to me, I called my art journals “my souls,” because that’s what it feels like: pouring my soul onto the pages of these once empty pages. While I may not be an emotional exhibitionist, I’ve always considered myself an open book, and oddly enough, it seems like sharing my “souls” is allowing me to prove it. So, let’s start with my most recently finished spread, one inspired by another Get Messy Creative Team member: Vanessa Oliver-Llyod, aka Dans Mon Crane!

DSCN5330 (3).JPG

“Altered Dimension” Art Journal Spread

Vanessa hosted an hour long live event on the private Get Messy Facebook page last week, and while I wasn’t able to participate in the fun during the event, I happily re-watched the video at my desk, following along with her process. I can’t say that this spread turned out looking even remotely close to Vanessa’s beautiful journal pages, (which you should totally check out HERE) but I’m still very happy with my end product! It was so odd to not begin my spread with blocking in shapes of acrylic paint, but starting as Vanessa did instead. I stuck true to all of the suggestions made during the live event, but I just couldn’t stop myself from making all of the wild doodles and drippys that I so love to add to my journal spreads! Her ideas plus my ideas turned up making a pretty unique spread.


“Altered Dimension” Close Up, Bottom Left

My spread ended up featuring a poker card, the queen of diamonds, which was altered to be far creepier than originally intended; her skin was painted green, her hood turned into a homage to The Bride of Frankenstein, and a third eye added to her chakra point. I’m not complaining by any means, as I fan-girl over weird and creepy pretty frequently, but the contrast of theme from that which was created during the live event is pretty extreme. The photo below is a close up of this altered card, presented next to a queen of hearts from the same deck for a better understanding of how much altering occurred.


“Altered Dimension” Comparison to Unaltered Playing Card

I had so much fun with this exercise, switching up my process, and doing new things in my art journal that I would have never done without Vanessa’s input! I wasn’t alone either, as this exercise got a lot of the Get Messy community members in the mood to create. Seeing everyone’s pages was pretty awesome, as each member applied the suggestions to art journal spreads while guided by intuition and staying true to their style! As you can see in the close up’s below, I also didn’t stray too far from my usual aesthetic.


“Altered Dimension” Close Up, Top Left


“Altered Dimension” Close Up, Top Right


“Altered Dimension” Close Up, Bottom Right

I’m so excited to not only work with Vanessa, but continue learning from her—and my new team members—over the course of this next year! If you haven’t joined this group, feel free to visit the Get Messy website and check out the FREE class, so that you can see if it’s right for you. I’d LOVE to see you there!! (Note: Even if you decide not to join, I’ll still be sharing a lot of stuff here, and I’m not going anywhere!)

Art Journal Speed Process: “Enlighten the Untransformed”

I (finally!) got around to finishing a spread that I’m currently recording the process of, and I’m sharing it with you today! I don’t know how excited about this you are, I’m pretty stoked, because it’s a rarity that I can focus myself long enough to make sure all aspects of a page get recorded. If you’re like me and leave your art laying out, you probably find yourself stepping past, only to double back in order to make a mark or two. I often can’t cram everything onto a page in one sitting, simply because a completely detailed art journal spread usually takes about six or more hours to finish. I know many other artists can bang pages out in just an hour or less, but my aesthetic is all about clutter and chaos, so I love lots of little designs and details…which can take a LOT of time.


This journal page, which is all about trying to enlighten those who are unwilling, is both a statement about myself and others. I think that everyone should strive to have an open mind and an open heart, and even though many people believe themselves to be ‘open minded,’ I’m not quite sure they’re correct. The Socratic paradox says that a wise man knows that he knows nothing, and to accept that you have ignorance is to accept that there is always more to learn and understand. This page speaks both to my personal beliefs and to my political beliefs. As an American, I think that this message is especially relevant right now, during the 2016 presidential election.


Although this page was not specifically created in response to anything, this is one of those spreads in which the meaning developed as it took form. I’m a strong believer that inspiration comes most often when we aren’t looking for it, and sometimes my muse doesn’t speak until I’ve already started working; this was one of those times.


Anyways, lets get past the heavy stuff and enjoy how our minds can take the ugly and form into something beautiful, which, in this case, is providing me with reason to reflect and create! Being able to create another art journal spread (where I can meditate and breathe easy for a while) is great comfort for my anxious mind. I invite you to watch this process video, take a moment to unwind, and even play in your own journal! Enjoy! (If the video below doesn’t work for you, click HERE.)


My Experience in Get Messy: A Review

The photos included in this post are all close ups of art journal spreads that I have created during my time involved in the Get Messy art journaling group. Most of them are not seen elsewhere, and I consider to be unfinished or in progress.

It has been five months (how?!?) since I’ve joined the online art journaling group that is Get Messy. Now that I’ve spent some time there, I can finally tell you: I am so glad that I found this lovely little community! At first, I wasn’t exactly sure what the $10/month membership fee was getting me, or that it was worth it, but I’m sure now—about both the fee and the worth! If you’ve been visiting my blog since May, when I first posted about Get Messy, then you’ve probably also seen my two art journal spreads, “Ink Blot Buffalo” and “Catcher of Dreams,” which were inspired by Get Messy prompts and tutorials.

File Jun 15, 1 26 25 PM

“Ink Blot Buffalo” Art Journal Spread (Close Up, Center)

Since I’ve been art journaling for so many years, have my own studio space, and even budget for art supplies, I consider myself very dedicated to making art on a regular basis. All of that being said, I’m someone who suffers from extreme lethargy, and even the tasks that I enjoy doing can often seem like a chore. The Get Messy group emphasizes accountability to creating, and encourages those who love to create to do just that! Get Messy allows me access to a source of specialized information, which motivates me to get off of the sofa and into the studio, and that can be a blessing!


Close Up from a Work-In-Progress (EmK Wright)

So besides the motivation, what else does Get Messy provide? The member’s only site provides one short list of prompts, one tutorial, and one “inspirational” post per week, with six week per one “season.” Because a “season” lasts for 6 weeks, and there are 6 seasons per year, you’re looking at about $100 for 108 posts—excluding a few additional posts, such as interviews. Get Messy also provides a place for like-minded people to share their work, which is probably my favorite part of the group. I follow so many more blogs and Instagram users now, many of which I discovered through Get Messy; while the Get Messy blog may be a great source of inspiration, my fellow members are just as much (if not more) inspiring, and I’m so thankful to have found them!


“Drowning Out” Art Journal Spread (Close Up, Top Right)

Now, for those of you with doubts, let me say this: I know that anyone could google “journal prompts,” look up art tutorials on YouTube, and find artist interviews on a few dozen websites, but Get Messy does more than just do that work for us. The Get Messy group also 1) provides access to unique prompts and tutorials, 2) organizes the material, 3) provides the information in a spaced out manner, as to not overwhelm the members, and 4) uses a ‘creative team‘ (aka a group of year-round teachers) who are dedicated to this niche. As someone who hungers for information and inspiration about such a specific art form, Get Messy posts never leave me disappointed by the kind of prompts/tutorials that are presented.


“Shots & Stars” Art Journal Spread (Close Up, Top Left)

So, in my opinion, who is Get Messy good for? Anyone who wants to learn more about art journaling, anyone who is just starting out on their art journaling adventure, and anyone who is an art journaling veteran. It’s also perfect for those of us who need an extra push to get in front of our art and away from the couch. Get Messy is prefect for those who like prompts, because even though prompts seem to hinder me, I know a lot of artists question not how to create but what to create.


“Divination: Destination” Art Journal Spread (Close Up, Top Right)

Get Messy is not the place for anyone who has tried and hates to make art. (You’ll never know if you never try!) This sounds CRAZY to me, but my husband doesn’t understand the appeal, so I know these types of people must exist. Neither of my parents are painters or sketchers, and my mother has said on multiple occasions, “I hate to color,” so if you also hate arting, this might not be the best investment for you…even if it is only $10 a month. (I mean if you hate to art, we can still be friends, but don’t get mad at me if I try to trick you into a craft store at some point.) In summation: art good, Get Messy good, you good, me good! That’s late night babble for: Yes, I totally love being a part of Get Messy and endorse it 100%!

If you discovered this blog and my work because of Get Messy PLEASE feel free to leave me a comment, a link to you blog, and a link to your Instagram. (Heck, even if not, feel free to link up in the comments!) I’d love to connect with you!

DISCLAIMER: In no way have I, EmK Wright, been paid to review or discuss the Get Messy art journal group. At the creation of this post, I am paying a membership fee and have not been approached by anyone, including those associated with the Get Messy group, to review or discuss the Get Messy art journal group. I discovered Get Messy, pay for Get Messy, and am involved in Get Messy by choice, and without reimbursement or encouragment. (And happily so!)

Finished Spread: Catcher of Dreams

For a week, I’ve been out of arting commission, babying a bruised hand. Thankfully, none of my knuckles retained any of that lovely plum hue that both inspired and impaired. I’m not at full capacity, but I decided to take a peek at the Get Messy blog, and couldn’t help myself from shifting from computer to art journal. One of the many lovely prompts from this past week recommended using the imagery of a dream catcher, and while I’m not one to interpret prompts too literally, I decided to have a go at it. Little did I know, my inability to think in geometric shapes would cause me to spend hours trying to figure out how to draw the netting of the catcher. That being said: I’m 99.9% happy with the finished net design of my dream catcher! (My favorite dream catcher, a heart shaped frame wrapped in teal leather, was the only one that followed me into my teenage years; after this drawing experience, I thank myself for not attempting to draw it and it’s complicated net work!)


“Catcher of Dreams” Art Journal Spread: Upper Left

As someone who doesn’t include a lot of text within the spread of my journals, I can be pretty picky with the imagery that ends up on my pages, but a dream catcher does speak to the memories of my youth. Living in an area where sacred burial mounds and beautiful Native American earthworks speckle the landscape, I was always aware of native culture, especially because of the the annual festival of Native culture that is held in my hometown. I was afflicted with night terrors as a child, and the ceiling above my bed held as many dream catchers —mostly from that festival—as I could ration for the thumbtack holes, like constellations, above my head. For this reason, my spread also portrays an eye (on of my favorite images) crying, the coloring mimicking the dream catcher and its blue dangling strings, a representation of the fear and panic that sleep can cause me.

catcher right.JPG

“Catcher of Dreams” Art Journal Spread: Upper Right

I also liked that using a dream catcher in this spread would date it for me, as the Dakota Access Pipeline protest continues to dominate the news. With the beautiful people of Flint, MI still struggling with ruined water pipelines, and now the Natives in the Dakotas struggling to guard their water sources, my heart aches for those who must fight for their freedom to drink clean water. I don’t usually get political when it comes to art journaling, but sometimes your subconscious speaks before you can censor it.

Catcher of Dreams AJS

“Catcher of Dreams” Art Journal Spread.

Now that I’ve been a part of the Get Messy art journaling group, I have a lot to say, and say I will next post. Thank you guys for hanging out with me! Feel free to drop me a line via comment below; I’m thrilled to be back in business and painting away!