20 Art Journal Prompts

Sometimes it is difficult to create even when you feel the urge. There are so many journal prompts out there, but this list should help you with both journaling and imagery. Feel free to use these ideas as-is or via your interpretation. Remember: this your art, so even if doesn’t end up matching the prompt you decide upon, that’s 100% okay; getting inspired is the whole point! If you would like to share any work created with these prompts, feel free to use the hashtag #inspiredbyemk on social media; I would love to see your work!! 

Read the list below or download the simple PDF version by clicking here.

  1. Colors: How does the color yellow make you feel? Does it stir up any memories for you?
  2. Colors: What is the most beautiful blue thing that you can think of?
  3. Colors: How does red taste? How does red feel? What does red smell like?
  4. Stars: How many constellations do you know?
  5. Stars: What does your astrological sign look like and do you embody it’s characteristics?
  6. Stars: What does it look like to swim through the cosmos?
  7. Flowers: Create a flower in your favorite color, name it, show/describe what climate it survives best in, and describe it’s aroma!
  8. Flowers: When was the last time you received flowers and what did they look like?
  9. Flowers: What does your ideal garden look like?
  10. Envy: What do you covet most?
  11. Envy: How do you appear as a green-eyed monster?
  12. Envy: What item or skill do you have that you believe to be most enviable?
  13. Animals: Which animal do you most identify with? Which attributes do you share with it?
  14. Animals: What creature, extinct or alive, would you pick as your loving pet? What would you name it?
  15. Places: What great landmark would you most love to see?
  16. Places: What does you town look like…to an outsider?
  17. Places: Create a zoo! Draw a map of all of the exhibits or show some creatures within them. Is it a people zoo? An intergalactic zoo? A zoo filled with uncooperative appliances?
  18. Books: If you were to write a book, what would your main character look like and how would s/he act? Where would they spend most of their time? What is their favorite time killer? Show them in their natural habitat doing that activity.
  19. Books: Create a new book cover for your favorite book. How would you write the summary if posed to do so for a new slipcover?
  20. You: List all of the things that make you unique and show them of in your favorite medium.
Walk the Crystaline AJP

Walk The Crystaline AJP