Hello and welcome to Made By EmK. where I am so thrilled to share in the experience of an artistic journey! I’ve been keeping what is known as an “Art Journal” since 2003, far before I even knew the term. I first discovered the notion of art journaling while wandering around an art museum gift shop those 13 years ago. It was there that I was able to convince my sister to purchase for me The Diary of Frida Kahlo, a book I discovered by happenstance. The pages were covered in vibrant blobs of color, delicate brush strokes, drawings, and beautifully painted faces. Every page made me wonder why, as an avid diary keeper, the pages of my journals only contained words.

I now consider myself a veteran art journaler, and have been keeping one for over half of my life!  If this is your introduction to “art journaling,” I’m excited to share this quirky art form with you…and am desperately hoping I convince you to start your own. It’s the most cathartic experience I’ve ever had, not to mention a great way to catalog your life.


It didn’t take me long to go out and get my very own bound sketchbook that I could fill with ideas, drawings, and the musings of my day. Of course, being 12 years old at the time, the ability to mimic Frida’s style was far from possible with #2 pencils and Crayola markers! I am happy to say that a lack of expensive supplies didn’t stop me from spending hours buried in my journal, inspired by the sketches and watercolor works that fill the famous diary.

So far, I have filled 10 journals, about one a year after the first two, which each took about 2 years to fill. I wasn’t as dedicated to creating back then as I am now, but having it to compare against my newer works is inspiring; it may sound cheesy, but to see how far I’ve come makes me aware of how much better I can become.

Not All That Bites is Bad AJp

Not All That Bites Is Bad AJP