Vacation in the Mountians

I promise: I’ve not been ignoring you, I’ve been without cellphone service and internet since Monday, due to vacationing. I knew my rental was without service and internet, however I woul never have suspected that all surrounding towns would be void of cell phone towers and free wifi. Actually, there’s plenty of free internet—before noon. We’re visiting an area off-season, so all of the restaurants are closed after lunch. Unfortunately, it’s upon rare occasion that I can muster the discipline to vacate my bed before 11 am, and the label of vacation makes that mustering feel far less necessary. Thankfully, the husband and I discovered a cafe with free internet last night, a whole 15 mintues before it closed at 4:30 pm (what even is that?!), and he was kind enough to bring me back so that I could share a few pictures with you! The following images are of art and art journal pages that are in process, created this week as we drove state-to-state and during our stay in the mountians! 

Road Journaling, Purple Eyes, Work in Progress 1

Road Journaling, Bohemia, Work in Progress 1


While on the road, I brought a regular Art Plus moleskine, some Copic markers, four different black technical pens, a drafting pencil, a white gel pen, and my Mermaid Markers. I sketched some of the things we saw on our trip that first day, but ultimately disliked all of my sketches, and decided to cover them with marker ink. While sitting in a passenger seat for several hours, my art muscle started to twitch, and I began doodling on these same pages with my technical pens. Once we got to a hotel, I threw some acrylic paint on these pages, with the goal of doodling even in these newly created spaces. In the photos below, you can see the evolution of the above moleskine pages!

Road Journaling, Purple Eyes, Work in Progress 2

Road Journaling, Bohemia, Work in Progress 2

By Monday, I was ready to make some real art, and decided to use my Jane Davenport watercolor palettes, chosen for their travel ability and color choice. Unfortunately, I only have one photo with me of one of three watercolor painings that I started, but some art is better than no art, right?!

Watercolor Half Portrait, Work in Progress


I’ll try to keep you updated, and will be returning to my usual schedule next week. Until we speak again: happy arting!


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