Finished Spread “Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me”

Anyone on social media knows that posting a political opinion is like opening the flood gates for a tsunami of angry retorts, incomprehensible arguments, and approval from the same four people who always agree with you. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me to be bad business to engage in things that accomplish so little; it’s very difficult to have meaningful conversations or debates via social media. That being said, there are just some things that shouldn’t even cause a debate, such as equality and human rights. Sure, it’s “political,” but  wanting to deny anyone equality or human rights just seems down right deplorable.

Speaking of human rights—bet you saw this one coming—women (and some men) in the USA just marched down the streets of Washington DC wearing glorious pink hats to the tune of equality. No one was arrested, no one vandalized their surroundings, and no one asked for more than what they’re due. I did not march, due to prior obligations, but I did have to listen to men talk about how dumb and unnecessary the Women’s March on Washingon was—but, like a good little woman, I held my tongue. Or perhaps they held it for me? Actions speak louder than words, and my actions conformed to a society that better women than I are trying to revolutionize. How ridiculous must our world be that I feel uncomfortable standing up for my own rights?

After that painful experience, I came home and did the one thing I know to be most comforting: created art. The following images are photographs from an art journal spread, which flowed from me so quickly that I could feel the words exploding in the paint. I screamed through collage and pens, and spoke the words that I wish I had when those men told me that my thousands of sisters marching in the streets could accomplish nothing. I cried with ink, my strokes spitting back vile toxins of doubt, which these people had tried to drown me in. I never believed them, but it still hurt to have that venom within me. And that is why this spread is called, “Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me.”


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Art Journal Spread


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Top Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Bottom Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Right Side Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Center Detail


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Center Detail 2


“Don’t Watch My Mouth For Me” Left Bottom Detail

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