Announcing: The Vision Oracle Deck

I’ve been so distant lately, but I have so much art stuff in progress that it’s almost overwhelming to be able to write (blog?) it all down! I’m working on Get Messy stuff for next year (if you missed it, I’m part of the 2017 creative team) and videos for about 4 different projects. But honestly, what’s had me obsessively occupied is my newly finished project: The Vision Oracle Deck! 

The Vision Oracle Deck Announcement

After going through my most recently finished art journal, I realized that I’ve had such a wild ride in 2016! I’ve also been getting more and more into my tarot and oracle decks—especially after taking Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd’s beautiful class, “Totems.” (Available for purchase HERE)—and I realized that a combination of art journaling and oracle cards was a total possibility! After many long nights behind the lens of my camera and behind the keys of laptop, I have finally finished photographing my journal, editing photos, and curating what I think will be my absolute favorite oracle deck! 

Example From The Vision Oracle Deck: “Curiosity” Card

After throwing a quick post onto Instagram, I recieved great feedback!  Because of this, I’ve also decided to get a few extra copies of this deck, call it an inventory, and make it available online! I don’t know how many likeminded folks will find it, want it, and love it, but I know for a fact that it’ll make one person pretty happy just to hold in her hands! (If you guessed me, you were right.) I can not wait to receive the cards, as I’m having them professionally printed and shipped to me, but I’ll let you know when they get here!! 

I’ll place these cards for sale on Etsy, and announce they’re availability here on the blog as well as on my Instagram!

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