Mark Making: Sharpie & Bic Pens

Not only am I addicted to making art, but I’m also an art supply junkie, and I’ve decided to share my knowledge via video! I’d like to introduce you to my new YouTube series all about mark making tools. These videos will feature supplies that I personally own and love. In this series, I will demonstrate how to use the supplies, techniques I employ, and why these items belong in your art supply arsenal! I’m so excited to share my supplies with you guys, and because I (currently) have no sponsors, I’m happy to be an impartial voice for those art journaling junkies who are looking for a quick fix of color!

Cheap Pens.Movie_Snapshot.jpg

Snapshot From Mark Making With EmK: Sharpie & Bic Cristal Pens

I’ve been CRAZY busy this past week: art stuff, wedding stuff (a friend), work stuff, but I finally found the time to get a video recorded/edited/uploaded! It always takes a couple of days to do the editing, but I have my first Mark Making video done, and this one is all about inexpensive pens. I chose this supply to start off with because everyone loves a good bang for their buck, and these pens are so great that I buy them in bulk…and it’s still cheaper than the ‘fancy’ pens. I can take these pens with me anywhere I go, and as long as I have a few journal spreads started, there’s always a way to create. This video features two pretty popular brands, Sharpie and Bic, so the familiarity of these supplies should help ease you into the Mark Making series.

File Aug 31, 7 16 11 PM.jpeg

Sharpie Pens and Bic Cristal Pens; Pen Nib Close Ups

Thank you for stopping in, and enjoy the video! You can view the first Mark Making With EmK video at the YouTube website by clicking HERE, or watch it below.

There will be plenty of Mark Making With EmK videos coming to you soon, so feel free to let me know what supply I’ve used that you’d like to know more about! The comments are always open to you. Until then, happy arting!!

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