ArtSnacks Unboxing: August 2016

ArtSnacks is a company which ships a small box containing 4 to 5 different art supplies and 1 piece of candy to your home each month. The box also includes a Menu, which explains what each art supply is, and a sticker with the ArtSnacks logo; any other items are entirely promotional.

A new month, a new box of art supplies, and a new found motivation for art! Woo! My monthly ArtSnacks always sparks something creative in me, especially when the box feels like it was made just for me! Everything in this box was one hundred percent something that I would purchase myself, including acrylic paint in one of my go-to colors, and an expanding bag that I didn’t realize I needed until I was filling it up with  my favorite pens. (When I say favorite, I mean I buy in bulk, and there are about 80 of these pens in my possession!)

File Aug 04, 9 32 04 PM.jpeg

Items from the August ArtSnacks Box

The ArtSnacks box for the month of August included four different art supplies. The first item, a paintbrush was included in the box to work with the second supply, a bottle of medium body acrylic paint. The paintbrush is a Robert Simmons short handle brush in a round size 0; the acrylic paint is Daler-Rowney’s System 3 acrylic paint; I received the color Process Magenta (412). The third supply in this box was a Copic double tipped marker from the brand’s “Classic” line. I received the Light Blue color (B14), which is not a color that I previously owned. The final art supply included was a cute little pencil bag with an even cuter name: Baggu. This bag expands to an amazing size, and is advertised on the ArtSnacks Menu as being made with “a special reinforced fabric that resists tearing,” and I’m happily impressed with it! This bag is the Small 3D Zip in a white and blue stripe nylon fabric.

File Aug 04, 9 33 28 PM

August ArtSnacks Items In Use

August’s ArtSnacks box also included the ArtSnacks Menu, the pencil/pretzel ArtSnacks brand sticker, and a Jolly Rancher Crunch ‘n’ Chew candy. ArtSnacks values the 4 art supplies at a total of $26.98. I am more than happy with the items in this month’s box, and would be very willing to purchase all of these items. With that information in mind, please know I am not someone who works with acrylic paint beyond mixed media, and would be far more likely to purchase a brush of this size for watercolor painting.

File Aug 04, 10 13 53 PM.jpeg

Work in Progress, Created With August ArtSnacks Supplies

Click the video below (or go here) to see my unboxing of August’s ArtSnacks—and stick around to the second half in order to see my application of each supply for my version of the ArtSnacks Challenge!

You can see my first ArtSnacks unboxing from May by clicking HERE, and see my unboxing for the month of June by clicking HERE! If you subscribe to ArtSnacks (or any other artsy/craftsy monthly subscription box), tell me about it in the comments: I’d love to hear your input!

Note: This ArtSnacks subscription is out-of-pocket for my household. I am not affiliated with ArtSnacks nor any of the brands shown in this video or discussed in the blog post. I have received no payment or gifts to participate in this ArtSnacks unboxing. Yet. That being said, if you work for any of these companies, please feel free to get a hold of me and send me free stuff. Seriously, though, I’ll take what I can get.

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