EmK’s Return, With Digital Art

I’m bouncing back right now from a very personal issue that has disallowed me from creating art. I really wanted to!! In fact, I think this may be the longest I’ve ever gone without getting my hands dirty in the name of self expression. Unfortunately, I was not able to work with my paint, my pens, or even any of the new tools that came to me in my July Art Snacks box. (I know, right, that poor box of beautiful supplies!)

Luckily, this past week, I was able to eek out a little creative time. I played around with my new drawing tablet that hooks up to my PC, letting me do some quick sketches. (For those of you curious readers, it is the medium Intos tablet by the company Wacom.) The following three pieces of art are of my own personal design created with this tablet. I am pretty proud of them, especially after discovering that digital art and physical art are two very different beasts!

File Jul 30, 6 29 25 AM

I’ve been thinking about creating a creepy-cute comic, somewhere between The Adams Family and…well…adorable. It’s not exactly an original idea as far as style goes, but the story that I have in mind is a little creepy, and I would prefer that it have a light hearted feel throughout. These characters are not necessarily going to be in that comic, but the style is something that I’m playing around with, and I was pleasantly surprised with  how these quick portraits came out!

I’m back in the art biz, anyway, and finally able to get back into my studio, burried in my art journal!! You’ll be seeing me again here, with more photos, videos, and inspiration! Yey!


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