Review: Posca Paint Pens

For about two months, Uni-Posca paint pens have been on my radar…and on my online wishlist for about just as long. Luckily for me, I have a sister that knows such a wishlist is not just for my own window shopping, but also an ideal way to find perfect birthday presents. So even though it may be two weeks past my birthday, I am happy to say that I am the new owner of those shiny new pens!

Photo May 16, 10 52 18 PM

Posca Paint Pens

I’m always on the hunt for markers, pens, and other writing utensils that will work on slightly textured surfaces, like gesso. Because of this, I’m a sucker for paint pens of any kind. I recently purchased some KRINK brand paint pens, which I had to order online. After using the one in my May Art Snacks box, I was pretty excited! Today, while shaking a KRINK paint pen (as directed to do) the bottom popped off, ruined my carpet, and filled my eye with some pretty harsh liquid! I really expected KRINK to finally be all the answers to my paint pen needs; needless to say: I’m less than impressed after ruining my clothes and experiencing momentary blindness. I’d like to mention this was only the second time using this pretty expensive item, and knowing how the paint tastes was never supposed to be part of the deal!

But anyway, back to these fancy new Posca pens! 

Photo May 16, 10 52 50 PM

Posca Paint Pens 0.7 on Black and White Paper

I’m immediately impressed by how vibrant the colors are, how opaque the paint is, and how thin of a line the Posca pens produce. These are all pros for me, especially because the pens are all highly pigmented. All colors appear just as vibrant on dark surfaces as they do on white bristol paper. The tips are also made of a flexible plastic (weird, but cool) instead of a hard fibrous tip, like one might find on a sharpie paint pen. However, while the tips are seemingly innovative, I have found that the plastic flicks little specks of paint as you write. You can see a good example of this around the white writing on the black paper in the photo above. The tip is not a solid plastic, but small pieces that come together to create a conical shape, which you can see in the photo below. I’m assuming that, with some practice, one may be able to prevent this slight splatter with a lighter hand and clean strokes, but I don’t find them to be ideal for small details that require clean curved lines.

Photo May 16, 10 56 19 PM

Posca Paint Pen Tips in Orange: Left, Pre-Inked; Right, After ONE Use

I’m excited to see how these work in my artwork, and will definitely be using them regardless of the slight splatter the tips produce. These pens are also completely closed receptacles, meaning no ends should be exploding into my face anytime soon! (Definitely a pro.)

3 thoughts on “Review: Posca Paint Pens

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