Art Snacks Unboxing: May 2016

For at least a year, I have been aware of a monthly subscription box called Art Snacks, which ships a small box containing 4 to 5 different art supplies and 1 piece of candy to your home each month. The box also includes a Menu, which explains what each art supply is, and a sticker with the Art Snacks logo; any other items are entirely promotional. There are other monthly subscription boxes containing art supplies, (Creative Art Box, Sketch Box, etc.) but Art Snacks just seems to be everywhere, and is therefore much easier to research!

About three months ago, I hinted to the husband that Art Snacks would be a great birthday present this year. About two months ago, I told the husband he should get it for me. About one month ago, I told him that I needed to know if he wasn’t going to get it for me so that I could purchase it for myself! Well on my 25th birthday, i.e. today, I went to the mailbox and discovered a small box that was calling my name…and low and behold, it was my very first Art Snacks box!!! Well, what was a girl to do but turn on her camera and record an unboxing video?! Here is what was hiding inside:

File May 02, 10 59 48 PM.jpeg

Contents of May Art Snacks Box (Minus Candy & Sticker)

This month, the box included 4 art supplies. The first item was by the brand KRINK, a new supply called the K-90 Paint Marker, which came in black. Next in line was General’s Cedar Pointe Graphite Pencil, described as a No. 1 with “extra soft” graphite. The last two are intended for use together; one being a hollow paint brush, or waterbrush, the Kuretake brand’s Brush2o Long. The last supply is an a neon acrylic ink by Daler-Rowney. It appears orange in this video, but is very pink off screen.

File May 02, 11 05 07 PM.jpeg

Art Snacks Menu for May

Besides the piece of candy and sticker, May’s box also included a 30% off code for KRINK’s online store, which I’m actually really excited about, as well as a card advertising the Art Snacks 2016 Travel Collection. Art Snacks values the 4 art supplies at a total of $27.61, which does not include shipping or any other promotional items in the box. Given the chance (and the cash), I would personally purchase 3/4 supplies, not having much use for the pencil. Even without the pencil, valued at a mere $0.66, each box costs $20 a month for a subscriber, so I technically saved a little money if Art Snacks’ pricing is correct.

File May 02, 11 00 13 PM

Supply Detail

Based on this month’s box, I would definitely suggest Art Snacks to one of my artsy pals. I’m incredibly happy with this set of supplies. This box fits my mixed-media passion, but seems best suited for watercolor artists. That being said, every month is different, so next month may be better for an artist that prefers oil pastels, colored pencils, markers, etc. If you refuse to use supplies outside of your chosen medium, then this probably isn’t for you.

Click the video below (or go here) to see my unboxing for May’s Art Snacks.

I plan on participating in the Art Snacks Challenge, which challenges me to create art using the supplies that came in this month’s box. This means my color palette will be limited to black, pink, and the graphite of the sketch pencil. I will be recording my attempt at this challenge, so be prepared and get excited for that upcoming video! If you subscribe to Art Snacks or any other monthly subscription box, tell me about it in the contents: I’d love to hear your input!

Note: This Art Snacks subscription is out-of-pocket for my household. I am not affiliated with Art Snacks or any of the brands shown in this video or discussed in the blog post. I have received no payment or gifts to participate in this Art Snacks unboxing. Yet. That being said, if you work for any of these companies, please feel free to get a hold of me and send me free stuff. Seriously, though, I’ll take what I can get.

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