WIP: Orange & Blue Background

A quick post today, just to share my most recent work in progress.

I recently picked up some Golden brand fluid acrylic paint in a few colors, and had some Liquitex matte varnish shipped to me. I had never worked with either of these supplies before, so it was a pretty exciting purchase. Before this purchase, I had already begun an art journal spread with yellow and orange acrylics, and really wanted to try out one of my new paints on it. I decided to work with the Manganese Blue Hue for this page, knowing that it would give me the most contrast…and it was perfect!

File Apr 21, 6 23 45 PM.jpeg

Art Journal Page Details

Wanting to also work with my new matte varnish, I chose some Faber-Castell  brand gelatos to scribble around the page, which I knew could be made waterproof with the addition of the varnish. Because my page is not planned, making the water soluble line work permanent may help me later on. The gelatos are also easily smudged, like an oil pastel; I knew the varnish would give me the opportunity to add more line work later without harming the tips of pens or markers that I may choose. To my surprised, adding the varnish created a happy accident, pulling the colors of the gelatos into hazy lines, rather than keeping the harsh markings that were originally created!

File Apr 21, 6 29 24 PM.jpeg

Recently Used Supplies

Finally, I added some black against the light colors, looking for a pop! Black paint was brushed on in large patches, and my black and grey pitt pens gave me the ability to add details around my chaotic background shapes. Overall, I am so happy with the turn out of this spread in progress! These colors are just wonderful together, and my new supplies did exactly what I was hoping for.

File Apr 21, 6 03 30 PM.jpeg

Work in Progress of Orange & Blue AJP

I am not paid to use these items, and have purchased all supplies out of pocket. That being said: if you work for any of these companies, feel free to contact me, because I need more

Let me know if you use these supplies; any tips are greatly appreciated as I experiment these new (awesome) paints and varnish. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new video!

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