Art Supply Haul 1: Challenge

What’s awesome about an art haul challenge is that a) it allows for you to use all your fun new goodies and b) it forces you to use items together that you may not have thought to combine. It’s makes you think just a little harder about the work you want to do. This isn’t something I routinely do, but its good practice and a great excuse to make something new.


I’ll be using the spray inks, black and silver pens, stencil, and collage material that I unboxed and tested in this blog post. With the knowledge that I’ve gained from my quick testing, I have some ideas about how to incorporate all of these supplies in one cohesive piece.The sprays were a little difficult to control, so I knew they would be the basis for my background. I also decided to use the stencil, with its large size, as a background element, creating an already very busy page. I’m not one to usually use collage material as the main focus for my art work, but some simple circles and large text found in my package of ephemera seemed like a perfect contrast against the already complex page. I wasn’t sure how to use my silver pens, but after the adhering the collage material, I realized outlining them with some glimmer would help separate the shapes from blending into the background. The black pens were used for detail work, as intended upon purchase, and the smaller silver pens served for the same purpose.

Where AJP

Along with the six art supplies purchased in my first blogged-about supply haul, I also used acrylic paint, markers, and other gellyroll pens to create this page. Because the of my decision to use the globe ephemera, I knew I was going to create a page displaying a representing the solar system. I was also drawn to the image of the pointing hand. Using the text ‘where’ pushed me to add words as a main focal element. After much brainstorming and scribbles on post-it notes, I came up with the phrase, “Figure out where you are before you decide where to go.” I relate pretty strongly to this phrase right now, especially in starting this new project in blogging!

This video below is, from start to finish, the creation of the journal page pictured above. Enjoy!

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