The First Post of Many!

Hello, I’m EmK! I’ve decided to create an online space where I could share my art and experiences creating the things that make me happy. This project is one that I have been dreaming to begin for about five years now, and I finally have the time to do so. This blog may seem empty now, but I have many projects in the works and they will all be available to you soon. Until then, I have prepared some content for you!

You can learn a little bit About me and the art that I make. You’re able to take a peek at some of the stuff I have created, which is located in my Gallery. There are a couple articles already accessible—for those of you who have come in search of inspiration and information—including a Beginner’s Guide to Art Journaling, an Ultimate Art Supply List, and 20 Art Journal Prompts to help you get started! This content will stay available to you and is easily found in the menu at the top of this blog.

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At, each week I will be posting at least one video of art being made and several personal artistic updates. I’ll be bringing you fresh content everyday this first week! Afterwards, new posts will become consistently available to you Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Other days might see new posts as well, but 3 days a week is my absolute minimum. A few things you can expect are: reviews of my favorite art supplies, photo updates of my works in progress, art journal creation videos, and a few tutorials.

I’ll also be participating in a daily drawing challenge this month (April),  which is being hosted by Roxanne Coble over at By Bun. I’ll be sharing the drawings I’ve created for the challenge (which you can find here) each Friday. I was lucky enough to take an online class with this very talented lady and highly recommend your participation in this challenge; I’m already inspired and it hasn’t even begun!

Thank you so much for joining me on my artistic journey, and I hope you have just as much fun visiting me as I do posting for you!

Inspiring Voices AJP

Inspiring Voices AJP

7 thoughts on “The First Post of Many!

  1. You make me want to start art journaling. But everytime I start a journal of any kind, it ends up a massive fail! Love reading/looking at blogs though! I’ll be sure to follow!


    • I can’t tell you how many word-only journals I’ve tried to keep over the years. It just has never worked out for me, and I don’t know why! Maybe an art journal is something you could try. Maybe we’re not so different you and I. Lol.


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